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Asturias (May 2009)

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    Here are my top 40-something pictures from my trip to Spain. The northern region where I stayed is called Asturias, and I lived in a city called Gijón. I stayed there for 3.5 weeks for my senior internship. I shadowed various schools (ranging from toddlers to college students), made comparisons between the education systems in Spain and in the U.S., as well as helped out in English classes, lived like the Asturianos, and of course, captured it all on film. Hope ya like!

Fools & Horses

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    I’ve had all kinds of fun snapping photos of the boys from my favorite band, Fools & Horses. It helps that they’re from Baltimore and don’t mind playing close to home. Not to mention, they’re very photogenic! Some of these photos have been sitting in my library, half-edited for weeks. But I FINALLY got my act together and picked out my favorites. After you enjoy the photos, check out their website: , and listen to their music! Even my father approves! Sincerely Sophie
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20 December 2011


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I'm glad that we could talk today and Skype yesterday and we can do both tomorrow, if you want!!!! I wish that I was there with you to celebrate and to give you gifts, but, mostly to be with you.


Aww Soph, we missed you tonight! Nothing too crazy/monumental happened. Love you!

Oh, Soph, I miss you so much. Tonight, I showed that Light Up the Night video to my students, and seeing all those young Israelis celebrating Chanukah made me miss you so much, I started tearing up. Good thing the lights were out. It would be so much better a holiday if we could celebrate together. Maybe we could play dreydl over Skype??? Or I could play some of the Chanukah songs for you from the cheesy Chanukah Clock??? Tradition!!!!
P.S. Your Chanukiah is beautiful.

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